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  • Fully automatic gas booster that ignites gas automatically
    One touch convenient use, water and energy saving type booster
  •   PB-3 PB-5 PB-6
    External dimension W580 x D500 x H699 W470 x D580 x H699 W650 x D600 x H699
    Retention capacity 75ℓ 75ℓ 110ℓ
    Power/rated specification 220V 60Hz / 30W 0.1A 220V 60Hz / 30W 0.1A 220V 60Hz / 30W 0.2A
    Exhaust ignition system Natural exhaust type, one touch direct ignition, flame detection type
    Contact caliber Water supply -15A/outlet -25A
    Gas consumption LNG 38,000kcal/h / LPG 4.2KG/H LNG 50,000kcal/h / LPG 4.2KG/H LNG 67,000kcal/h / LPG 5.58KG/H
    Weight 40kg 38.8kg 50kg

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