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  • Bubble Desalination Washer
  • You can quickly wash with patented nozzles, powerful bubbles and vortex.
  • Model name Size(LxWxH) Water tank size(LxWxH) Consumption power Voltage Tank Capacity Heater Capacity Washing pump
    PDB-1900 1900x880x890 1720x780x420 14kw 3 phase 380v 565L 6kw x 2 1HP X 2
    PDB-1600 1600x880x890 1420x780x420 14kw 3 phase 380v 465L 6kw x 2 1HP X 2
    PDB-1200 1200x700x840 1020x600x310 3.8kw Single phase 220v 365L 3kw 1HP X 1
    PDB-1000 1000x700x840 820x600x310 3.8kw Single phase 220v 265L 3kw 1HP X 1

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